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Let us create and promote your digital products, webinar launches, signature offers, and upsells with our discount full-service packages!

Per-Page Copywriting

Price Per Page: $500 (Text Only)
A landing page presents your product, offer, event, or service in a way that highlights pain points of your viewers, demonstrates the expertise and success of your brand, explains the benefits of your offer, and drives the viewer to a convincing call-to-action. It has one specific goal, so unlike traditional websites, viewers are not confused by multiple distracting links.

The primary types of landing pages we create are:
  • Free Event/Opt-In: Get people to sign up for your upcoming webinar or download your lead magnet, building your contact list for future interactions and potential sales.
  • Signature Offer: Encourage people to buy a product, whether it is a standalone item or the signature offer that you'll present during your event.

E-Mail Marketing

Price Per E-Mail: $150
E-mails are the lifeblood of your online business. When you consistently send value-packed, relevant, goal-specific e-mails, your minimum result should be earning $1 per month per every individual on your list. How much are you currently earning?

We offer the following e-mails types:
  • Welcome: Introduces your subscribers to your list and gives information on your upcoming event or how to access a purchase.
  • Event Reminder: Ideally, at least 50% of those who sign up for your webinar should attend. Our reminder sequence gets them excited about your event and reminds them at strategic intervals beforehand with the link to show up.
  • ​Follow-Up: Once your event ends, you have a huge opportunity to engage not only those who attended but those who missed it with e-mails including replay links, summaries of what they missed, and information and product links for your signature offer
  • Nurture: These e-mails are the most overlooked yet vitally important aspects of your campaign. Your subscribers don't want to hear from you only when you have an event or are selling something. Provide consistent value and connection and they'll go from ignoring or unsubscribing to looking forward to your next e-mail and fulfilling your desired calls-to-action.

High-Ticket Sales Presentations

Price Per Presentation: $1,000
Pitching a high-ticket offer can be awkward, daunting, or otherwise unsuccessful even for the most seasoned coaches and speakers. Let us design the closing slides of your presentation with your branding colors (whether you choose to display them during your webinar or simply read/memorize them) and you'll vastly increase your conversions. We'll also coach you through delivering the presentation and give you the tools that will enable you to close with confidence! You'll get:
  • Smooth Transition: Moving from presenting to closing is not only difficult but can make or break your sales success. We'll tailor-design slides that will put your viewers in the frame of mind to be ready to buy what you have to offer without feeling "sold" to.
  • Clear Offer Benefits: We'll lay out each component of your offer, establish a dollar value for each, and express them in terms that are meaningful to solving the problems of your audience.
  • Eliminated Barriers to Buy: Our closing slides will proactively and intuitively remove obstacles to buy in the minds of your audience so that when the price and sales page link is presented, the only logical option is to buy.

eBook / Lead Magnets

Price Per Lead Magnet: $250
We'll help you plan the content for a lead magnet, then take your simple Word documents and lists and turn them into clear, attractive eBooks. These can not only be used to build your e-mail list but also be sold individually or included in an offer or package to increase its value.
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